Dietary Intake

Our survey will provide information about the dietary intake of the kids. It focuses on the food that kids usually consume and what else they should include in their diet to stay healthy. The information will help the parent to modify the diet of their kids.


Our survey will also provide vital information to the parent about what should be the body size and weight of the kids. It will help you to make sure that your kids are healthy. Insufficient or excess growth is not a good sign.

Physical Activity

The kids in Australia do not get enough physical activity. This survey will get information about how much physical activity the kids require at different ages. An appropriate amount of physical activity is essential for their good health.


What is Kid Eat and Play?

Kids Eat and Play is a survey that has been performed across the nation to find how healthy Australian kids are. In this survey, we have study over 5000 kids from various cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and many more. The study will provide detail and accurate information about the nutritional intake of children. It will also give you valuable knowledge about the body size and physical activity of the kids in Australia. In this survey, we have study kids between 2 to 16 years to cover the broader aspect. Our study and findings will help the parents and other health institutes in Australia to understand the gravity of the situation and make positive changes.


Age Groups

Children Category

2 to 6 years

The first group of kids for this survey is pre-schooler. This group of kids are more active than the toddlers and also consume more food than the toddlers. So, they should follow healthy habits. Often at this age children are picky eaters making it difficult for parents to feed them nutritious foods. These are fundamental growth years of kids and they must have complete meals to lead healthy lives.

7 to 11 years

The second category of the kids is school-aged. It is a growing age for the kids, and they need good nutrients and appropriate physical activity for their development in every aspect. Kids in these years need proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium and other nutrients to grow rapidly and prepare to enter puberty. Children of this group are active and their diet plays a major role in their ability to focus.

12 to 16 years

The adolescent group is the final category of kids for this survey. At this stage of the kids up to start consuming fast foods and spend a lot of time watching TV and mobile phones. Maintaining a healthy diet is the most challenging during this time because teens don’t feel the need for having good meals but tasty ones. Thus, it is crucial your child has good food during this time.

Detailed Study

How the Survey Was Completed

Kids Eat and Play is an informative survey that was completed over a period of 3 months in different phases. The objective and the survey was to provide valuable information to the parents and other health institutes about the current condition of the nutrients intake by kids and their physical activity. The survey was conducted by the Kids Welfare Research Organisation (KWRO), which is based in Sydney and other parts of the country.
We contacted the schools of different cities and selected kids of different age groups randomly. After that, we took the permission of their parents if we can study their routine and include our survey. A team of volunteers studied food habits and physical activities of kids of different age groups from different cities and prepared a detailed report.



The Volunteers with Kids

Providing the Information

Our Upcoming Events

Nutrients Food for Kids
30th September

We are organising an event for the parents where we will discuss the dietary intake of the kids for different age groups. In this event, we will also highlight the current scenario and the problems that parents and kids are facing in terms of choice of food.

Importance of Physical Activity
1st October

Physical activity is essential for the physical, emotional and mental development of your kids. We are organising an event where we will reveal our findings regarding how much time kids are spending on physical activity and how much time they actually need.

Developing Good Habits
5th October

In this particular event, we will talk about the good habits that the kids need to develop in terms of quality foods and physical activity. It will be a very helpful event for the parents, so try not to miss this event at any cost.


What Parents Say

Let’s Change the Lifestyle and Food habits of Our Kids

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