Nutrients Food for Kids

30th September

We are having an event for all the parents where we will talk about the nutritional intake of the children for different age groups. In this event, we will also highlight the current scenario and the problems that parents and kids are facing in terms of choice of food. This event will take place in Sydney.


Importance of Physical Activity

1st October

Physical activity is important for the emotional, mental and physical development of your kids. We have an event where we will explain about our findings regarding how much time kids are spending in physical activity and how much time they actually need. This event will take place in Adelaide.


Developing Good Habits

5th October

In this particular event, we will talk about the good habits that the kids need to develop in terms of quality foods and physical activity. It will be a very helpful event for the parents, so try not to miss this event at any cost. This event will take place in Melbourne.


Strategies to Manage Screen Time

7th October

If you want to know about how to manage screen time of preschool kids and school-age kids, then you need to follow some particular strategies. In our survey, we have learned about the real reason why kids spend so much time on laptops, TV and phone. Therefore this event will help the parents a lot. We are organising this event in Brisbane.


Healthy Eating Habits for Teenagers

12th October

Teenagers eat all kinds of junk food from various places and also avoid physical activities. As a parent, it is important for you to know how to provide the right nutrients to teenagers. The event organising in Gold Coast will help the parents a lot. People from various places of Queensland can visit this event.


Tips to Reduce Screen Time

18th October

Children of all age groups spend a lot of time on mobile phones, laptops, television, etc. As a result, they avoid physical activities and also get attracted to junk foods. In this event, the parents will learn about how to minimise the screen time of their kids. The event will take place in Sydney.

Kids and Obesity
20th October

The screen time of the kids and obesity are the two biggest problems for the parents, and both these problems are interrelated. To keep your kids away from obesity, you need to know how to improve their physical activity and also pay attention to the factors that cause obesity. We will have this event in Sunshine Coast.

How Play Helps Child Development
25th October

Play is not only a medium of entertainment only for the kids. It is also an excellent way to develop a child physically, mentally and emotionally. We are having an event in Melbourne, where we will talk about how play can develop your kid. Do not forget to attend this event.

Overcome Obstacles to Physical Activity
2nd November

Do you know what the obstacles are for kids that stop them from getting involved in physical activity? These are busy schedules, insufficient space for play, screen time other similar reasons. In this event that will take place in Brisbane, we will talk about our survey and findings in this context.

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