Our Vision

To create a healthy tomorrow for every Australian kid. We want every family to make sure that their kid develops good and healthy eating habits and get enough physical activity so they become mentally, physically and emotionally strong.

Our Mission

Through our survey, we want to show the Australian parents and other health institutes about the current health scenario of our kids. We want to provide accurate and valuable information about the nutrients intake and physical activity of kids, which is essential for their help.

Our Values

Honesty and a sense of responsibility are two of the most important values that we follow when it comes to the health of Australian kids. We are committed to providing accurate and the best result that can help bring positive changes and play an essential role in developing our next generation.


Why Our Survey is Reliable?

Kids Eat and Play survey very helpful and reliable service that provides current and healthy news of the country by the information about the dietary intake of kids and their physical activity. This survey is organised by the Kids Welfare Research Organisation, which is a community that constantly works towards the development of kids of the country. The survey is performed at a very large scale that has covered more than 5000 kids from different cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Any survey at such a large scale requires a lot of money, and we have received funding from various government organisations, as well as NGOs and other private companies.



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